Louis Vuitton 2017 Fall Ready to Wear

The Louvre is the crossroads of the world—one of the globe’s most popular museums with more than 7 million people visiting annually. It’s closed on Tuesdays, but tonight several hundred guests were invited to the Cour Marly in the Richelieu wing to watch Louis Vuitton’s models wind their way through the 17th- and 18th-century sculptures wearing Nicolas Ghesquière’s new collection. It’s a first-ever for the Louvre. Shows have been held on its grounds and in the sublevel in years past, but never in its central sculpture atrium. Ghesquière said Vuitton was invited by the museum to do so, which gives a sense of the company’s place in French culture. “Today, when some people make us want to believe that the frontiers are stronger and stronger,” Ghesquière said, presumably alluding to the immigration crisis and further from home, talk of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, “I think fashion has always broken those frontiers. Especially in Paris—it’s the land of foreign designers; it’s so multicultural. Being in the Louvre where everyone is welcome, where there is no limit of culture, of nationality, is a strong message.”

PARIS, MARCH 7, 2017

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